An invitation to something greater

QAVA is a place where you can ask and wrestle with hard questions, delight in wonder and imagination as it relates to your faith, and dive deep into Scripture to consider who God is and what He is like.

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Our Mission

To help people have a right view of God, know the Truth, walk in Hope, and act in Love.



About the name QAVA

QAVA (kə-va) derived from the Hebrew word qavah means living with expectation both in the now and the not yet. There’s a tension in that place… of living today while faithfully hoping for what God will bring tomorrow.

What QAVA means to us

What we see in the meaning of Qavah is far more than hope. It’s far more than just waiting. It’s how we wait. We wait, in hopeful expectation, for the God of the universe to move, act, reveal Himself, deliver us, love us, serve justice, show mercy, and bring about His Kingdom. Waiting is not always pretty. It’s not always without longing or wrestling nor do we always have a complete understanding of why we are living in the in between. But even in the tension, do we cling to God, knowing He is the One who is faithful? He is our hope in the “here and not yet.” It’s qavah.

QAVA is an invitation to journey toward Jesus together. Our hope is to teach individuals not what to think, but instead to encourage their desire to think and wrestle with God’s Word. It is in the wrestling and working out of our faith that we find the right view of God.