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If we fully grasp what is being suggested by Jesus in His time on Earth—so much about how we interact with other people will need to change. Join Pastor Matt Smallbone as he considers what it means to be an “Unsung Hero” and how to live out Jesus’ calling in the way we treat those around us.

Matt Smallbone

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The Old Testament can be a very intimidating study. Often, it feels so much easier to flip to Matthew or Ephesians—something approachable and fairly straightforward. But how can we really understand the context of the New Testament without understanding how we got there in the first place? In Bible 101, teacher Andrew Hudson provides a comprehensive guide of the Old Testament: Where to begin, how to understand the context, and most importantly, how it all points to the coming of Jesus.


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To help people have a right view of God, know the Truth, walk in Hope, and act in Love.


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