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Newest Series

Who was the apostle Paul? How did he live, travel, and interact with the world around him? Most importantly, how should this shape our understanding of his ministry? Join historian Matthew Larsen as he immerses himself in the very places Paul would have walked and taught in the ancient world.

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Dave Stone leads a study on living with intention.


Dave Stone

Curtis Zackery discusses how to practice spiritual disciplines in order to find respite in an unrested world.


Curtis Zackery

“There is a time for everything,” we read in Ecclesiastes 3. Let’s talk about seasons.


Shannon Scott

Join Adam Donyes as he walks through 7 Pillars of leading and living a meaningful life.


Adam Donyes

Austin Cagle discusses Biblical Blessing.


Austin Cagle

Curtis Zackery and friends share stories and testimonies over coffee.


Curtis Zackery, Charlie Peters, Flavius Mois, Jonathan Pitts, Marcus Rixon, Ryan Lampa, Suzie Lind

A roundtable discussion about what revival really means.


Curtis Zackery, Andrew Erwin, John Bevere, Mason Tanner, Suzanne Nicholson

The creation story of Genesis 1-3 sets up all of Scripture.


Joel Busby

The kingdom of God is here. What does this look like?


Petey Crowder

A deep dive into understanding old testament structure and what it means for us.


Andrew Hudson