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QAVA is an invitation to journey toward Jesus together. Our hope is to teach individuals not what to think, but instead to encourage their desire to think and wrestle with God’s Word. It is in the wrestling and working out of our faith that we find the right view of God.

We prayerfully select each of our teachers/contributors. Each goes through a strenuous vetting process with our team! We spend time getting to know one another, exploring topics & ideas, and praying through content together before we undertake a project. We have several team members who are theologically knowledgeable and all projects are triple-checked against Scripture.

We always want to hear from our members about things that they’d like to learn. Submit ideas at and our team will consider your idea as we plan for the future!

We are not affiliated with any specific denomination or political party. We have teachers from several backgrounds and weigh everything against Scripture. We think that it’s healthy to debate topics and issues using Scripture as our source of truth. We also think that it’s healthy to ask the question, “What if we are wrong?” as we seek to know what God really says. By learning original languages, original audiences, and additional cultural context, and partnering with the Holy Spirit, we believe that God will reveal Himself to us! You can view our theological statement of beliefs here.

Yes! We believe that God is the creator and sustainer of all things—that He is good and kind, and the source of all truth. We believe that God continuously reveals Himself to us through His creation, His people, His Son—Jesus, His Spirit, and through Scripture. He has made Himself accessible to all people, as we were all created in His image. We believe that He desires to be in relationship with each one of us, and because of that, He has made Himself to be approachable in the death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus. We believe that the Bible is inspired by God and is inerrant. While absolutely true, we believe that there is room for wrestling with his Word. We believe that wrestling with Scripture can lead us to a right view of God, producing within each one of us hope that is stronger than our circumstances, which causes us to act in love toward one another so that God’s Kingdom might be recognized here, now, and forevermore.

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Yes. QAVA is available for download on iOS, AppleTV, Android, and Amazon platforms.

Several of our studies have additional related materials! You can find a link to download materials on each individual study on the platform.

Yes! All new studies will come with subtitles easily accessible through the online player. We are currently working on adding subtitles to all of our existing studies.