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Diving Deeper | Sabbath

Stopping intentionally to practice a Sabbath day tangibly helps us apply the principles we’ve been exploring in this book. While we are resting, God is always working. He doesn’t “need” us to do anything but allows us to join Him in His kingdom work here on earth. Taking a Sabbath

Diving Deeper | Worship

We celebrate what matters in our lives in multiple ways. Whether it is a sports team or our devices, we praise the things that have significantly impacted our lives. Many of us find ourselves attempting to create a distinction between these types of things and the acknowledgment of God, but

Diving Deeper | Celebration

Celebration is not often discussed or even recognized as a significant area of spiritual attention, but this idea was dear to the heart of Jesus. As we’ve discussed, the rest of the creation account can be akin to a celebration. If this is indeed true, what better way to allude