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Matt Smallbone

Church of the City

Matt Smallbone is an Australian who serves as Lead Pastor of Church of the City in Downtown Nashville. In a previous life he toured the world as bass player for a number of recording artists including Michael W. Smith, Rebecca St. James and Matt Maher.

Matt leads a church in an increasingly post-Christian neighborhood where secular-humanism is the emerging, dominant worldview. He is deeply concerned with helping his people – many of whom are over-churched and under-whelmed – rebuild an authentic and energetic faith after a painful season of deconstruction. 

Matt has spoken to audiences all around the world as both a guest teacher and child sponsorship advocate. His accent, humor, authenticity, story-telling and sophisticated and systematic approach to theology make him well loved by a broad range of audiences.

When not writing sermons, Matt enjoys: coffee, laughing, setting for his social volleyball team (the MIGHTY Volley Parton), cycling, music and basketball. He does not enjoy: running on the treadmill or fixing broken household items – though there is plenty of both of these in his day to day life.

Matt has lived in the USA since 2006. His wife Mary is a Marriage and Family Therapist and they have been married for 23 years. They are the proud parents of four energetic kids.

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