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Flavius Mois

Business Owner
Higher Power Electric

Flavius was born in the Transylvania region of Romania in the 1970’s, during the time of communist rule. In the 1990’s he had the opportunity to travel to the United States with the mission group YWAM where he spent several years as a missionary in the States and overseas. He gained US citizenship and began working as an electrician, eventually forming his own electrical company which he has run since 2005.

As a business owner, Flavius is passionate about seeing each customer encounter as an opportunity to be a testimony of Christ’s love. If you spend any amount of time with Flavius, you will undoubtedly hear him speak of his love for his wife and his two precious daughters, as well as his commitment to keeping them his priority. Flavius believes that leading his family is his highest gift and calling, and he has unyielding faith that God will provide in every area of their lives, as he remains faithful to that calling. Flavius lives with his beautiful wife and daughters in middle Tennessee.

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