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What is Revival?

What is Revival blog

In a world marked by the mundane and the ordinary, the longing for revival echoes deep within the hearts of believers- revival is a fresh breathing of God’s spirit—a divine initiative to revive what was once alive but has faded away. Christian revival is not always confined to grand events, but rather can be intimately tied to personal and collective awakening—a return to God. Revival carries profound spiritual and personal significance, representing a reawakening and renewal of faith. Revival often starts in the most unexpected places, through the most unlikely individuals. What is a revival? Let’s delve into the Biblical definition of revival, its true meaning, God’s purpose behind it, and how we can actively participate in this transformative process.

What is the Biblical Definition of Revival?

Revival is rediscovering the joy and purpose of living a faith-filled life. In the Bible, revival is often associated with individuals returning to God. It’s not merely a superficial or emotional experience but a profound turning back to the Divine. The Biblical definition, therefore, is rooted in bringing back to life that which has succumbed to spiritual dormancy. Revival restores a vibrant and authentic relationship with God and entails repentance, prayer, and a deep longing for genuine spiritual awakening.

What is the True Meaning of Revival?

Revival, at its core, is aligned with God’s overarching goal for humanity – to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ. The true meaning of Christian revival extends beyond mere religious ceremonies or gatherings; it transcends superficial interpretations. True revival is an authentic encounter with God—a journey marked by a radical transformation of individuals and communities. Revival is about restoring joy, passion, and purpose. Revival reflects an inward radical change   sparked by an intimate encounter with God, resulting in personal and collective transformation.

What is God’s Purpose for Revival?

Understanding God’s purpose for revival requires a recognition of His longing for an intimate relationship with His creation. Revival is God’s longing to draw humanity closer to Him. Revival is not a sporadic event; but a call to repentance, an invitation to turn affection and hearts back to God. The purpose extends beyond personal transformation to societal and cultural reform. Justice and freedom are inherent outcomes of revival, aligning with the historical precedents where revivals played a pivotal role in movements like the American Revolution and the emancipation of women. God’s purpose for revival includes the restoration of broken relationships, the changing of societies, the healing of wounds, and the empowerment of individuals to live in accordance with His Divine plan.

How Can We Participate in Revival?

Active participation in revival involves a genuine pursuit of God and a willingness to engage in prayer and intercession. Prayer is vital for any Christian revival to begin. Rather than chasing the experience, believers are encouraged to chase after God, recognizing His constant presence in the everyday. Begin to pray for the revival of peoples of all nations and tongues. 

Christian revival is a divine partnership, a harmonious dance between God’s transformative power and the believer’s openness to repentance and renewal. It is not a one-time event but an ongoing journey of deepening one’s relationship with God. It’s about rediscovering the essence of faith, embracing spiritual growth, and actively participating in the transformative work that God desires for His people. 

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