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Shannon Scott

Content Pastor
Shannon has been in ministry for over 28 years in a variety of roles and has written content and taught extensively during that time. Believing that the local church and the community found there is essential to a life of flourishing, Shannon loves the privilege of teaching the Bible and serving at churches, conferences, and retreats and enjoys seeing the larger expression of the Church in all its forms and flavors. Recently, she joined the team at QAVA overseeing Ministry Initiatives.
Shannon completed her leadership development certification because after seeing behind the curtain in ministry for so many years, she is convinced that spiritually, emotionally, and relationally healthy leadership can help to avoid the church hurt, trauma, and damage that has plagued churches of all sizes for far too long. To this end, she enjoys coaching others in both one-on-one and team settings to help them become leaders worth following and establish healthy patterns and guardrails for themselves and those they lead.
She’s been married to Jeffrey for 25 years, has three children, Maggie (22), Jack (19), and Ali (17) as well as three pups, Nash, Loretta, and Maverick.

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