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Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

Jesus hanging on a cross

There is much mystery surrounding Jesus’s death and what it accomplished for humanity. Understanding the divine purpose behind God sending Jesus to die on the cross for the people of the world can offer encouragement and hope in place of confusion. We’ll delve into the creation story, biblical prophecies, and the significance of Jesus’ voluntary […]

What is the Biblical Creation Story?

What is the Biblical creation Story?

One of the foundations of Christian belief is the Biblical Creation Story. This account, found in the book of Genesis, gives us the origins of the universe and humanity. Let’s journey through the creation narrative, examining the sequence of the seven days, considering the underlying themes, and searching for profound insights into God’s character and […]

What is Revival?

What is Revival blog

In a world marked by the mundane and the ordinary, the longing for revival echoes deep within the hearts of believers- revival is a fresh breathing of God’s spirit—a divine initiative to revive what was once alive but has faded away. Christian revival is not always confined to grand events, but rather can be intimately […]

Mother’s Day: A Reflection

On May 12th 1907, a woman named Anna Jarvis held a small memorial service for her mother. This particular celebration idea gained momentum and soon, most places in America were observing a day devoted to mothers. Finally, in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson established Mother’s Day, to be celebrated on the second Sunday of May annually. […]

To Those Who Yearn to be a Mother

Trigger Warning: This post discusses miscarriage, singleness, and infertility. It’s my hope that any one who is struggling with these things will find hope in the message but I also want to be sensitive to the current state of your heart. I, too, was unable to read things such as this in former seasons of […]

What is Lent? A Guide to the Christian Observance

What is Lent article image

Lent is a season of reflection, repentance, and preparation leading to Easter Sunday, lasting 40 days (excluding Sundays). It is a time to simplify and prepare our hearts to celebrate Jesus’s death and resurrection. During the Lenten season, believers practice intentional spiritual disciplines to seek the Lord. Lent holds deep spiritual significance for millions worldwide […]

Strong Women in the Bible

Strong Women in the Bible.

Throughout scripture we see God honoring women in the Bible. In the ancient eastern culture in which the Bible was written, a woman’s worth was elevated a little more than livestock. Throughout scripture, we see God honoring and elevating women of the Bible. We want to highlight just a few of the women of scripture […]

Diving Deeper | Sabbath

Stopping intentionally to practice a Sabbath day tangibly helps us apply the principles we’ve been exploring in this series. While we are resting, God is always working. He doesn’t “need” us to do anything but allows us to join Him in His kingdom work here on earth. Taking a Sabbath helps us see the difference […]

Diving Deeper | Worship

We celebrate what matters in our lives in multiple ways. Whether it is a sports team or our devices, we praise the things that have significantly impacted our lives. Many of us find ourselves attempting to create a distinction between these types of things and the acknowledgment of God, but where we apply our worship […]

Diving Deeper | Celebration

Celebration is not often discussed or even recognized as a significant area of spiritual attention, but this idea was dear to the heart of Jesus. As we’ve discussed, the rest of the creation account can be akin to a celebration. If this is indeed true, what better way to allude to the rest that we […]