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Diving Deeper | Sabbath

Stopping intentionally to practice a Sabbath day tangibly helps us apply the principles we’ve been exploring in this series. While we are resting, God is always working. He doesn’t “need” us to do anything but allows us to join Him in His kingdom work here on earth. Taking a Sabbath helps us see the difference […]

Diving Deeper | Worship

We celebrate what matters in our lives in multiple ways. Whether it is a sports team or our devices, we praise the things that have significantly impacted our lives. Many of us find ourselves attempting to create a distinction between these types of things and the acknowledgment of God, but where we apply our worship […]

Diving Deeper | Celebration

Celebration is not often discussed or even recognized as a significant area of spiritual attention, but this idea was dear to the heart of Jesus. As we’ve discussed, the rest of the creation account can be akin to a celebration. If this is indeed true, what better way to allude to the rest that we […]

Diving Deeper | Nature

Admittedly, I have never been much of an outdoors person. I grew up in New Jersey and didn’t spend much time in the elements. Due to some of the factors that come with being outdoors, like bugs, weather, and the unpredictability of nature, I would say that it just wasn’t relaxing for me. When we […]

Diving Deeper | Generosity

Living a generous life also helps us engage our soul rest. When we live “open-handed” lives, it helps us combat the control that finances and resources can have on us. There’s a reason there are hundreds of Bible verses that talk about money, possessions, and stewardship. These things tend to have a grip on our […]

Diving Deeper | Fasting

One important truth I’ve gained in my practice of spiritual disciplines is that there is nothing inherently spiritual in fasting. Fasting becomes beneficial when the focus and hope for our fast are clear and present. If I commit to fasting or withholding food for a particular period to hear from God, I am taking a […]

Diving Deeper | Meditation & Mindfulness

The mind is at its peak state when it is undistracted. When we set ourselves toward meditation, it helps us to prepare to have “ears to hear” what God may want to say to us. When we can understand God’s great affection and care for us, we remember that He does indeed desire to commune […]

Diving Deeper | Reading

Early on, as a follower of Jesus, I would hear people reference their desire and ability to go to a quiet place with only their Bible and emerge refreshed, renewed, and revitalized after four hours. If I’m honest, the prospect of this scenario seemed overwhelming and the opposite of refreshing. I think this was mainly […]

Diving Deeper | Prayer

When I’ve asked people, “What is prayer?” many respond that it means talking to God. Most of the people I’ve polled also said that they pray most when in a time of need. These would be my two standard responses, as well.  As I’ve been exploring the rhythm of prayer, God has shown me the […]