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Diving Deeper | Generosity

Living a generous life also helps us engage our soul rest. When we live “open-handed” lives, it helps us combat the control that finances and resources can have on us. There’s a reason there are hundreds of Bible verses that talk about money, possessions, and stewardship. These things tend to have a grip on our hearts and affect the way that we live our lives. When our things are fluid through our hands, we can bless others and see how the Lord would have us steward what He’s given us. 

Our generosity is birthed by a proper perspective of all we’ve been given. Out of the overflow of our being filled up, we give.

There are plenty of ways to give to others. Our first thought is likely to associate giving with money. This is an important one because of its helpfulness but also because of the stranglehold that it can have on our hearts. 

Giving in anonymity helps to break that hold and curse of being recognized and seen in our giving and serving. I know this to be true because there have been multiple times in my life that I’ve felt compelled to give to someone. After all, I felt led to know that they were in need. Sadly, when I was about to do it, my first thought was, “If I give in anonymity, no one will know what I’ve done.” It’s sad how quickly I can make a Spirit-led act of generosity all about me. I find rest when I’m not posturing for a position. When I’m always wondering who will see me and how I will be recognized, I miss the beauty of the actual blessing of the act. 

Finding ways to give when no one knows about it is in line with what Scripture says is the best way (Matt 6:3). Giving in anonymity helps us to focus on the proper motivations for giving and not just trying to keep up the pretense of generosity. Giving this way produces rest because we’re letting it flow from a connection to God and the leading of His Spirit. 

The best way to move toward establishing a healthy rhythm of generosity and service is to give and serve. We can find ourselves paralyzed in our growth when we allow our inability to identify the “best” place to give and serve to prevent us from doing so. That can become clearer over time, but starting somewhere is helpful.

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