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Diving Deeper | Celebration

Celebration is not often discussed or even recognized as a significant area of spiritual attention, but this idea was dear to the heart of Jesus. As we’ve discussed, the rest of the creation account can be akin to a celebration. If this is indeed true, what better way to allude to the rest that we find in the finished work of God than to find ways to celebrate together? It’s evident throughout the Gospel accounts that Jesus valued celebration. Go through the first four books of the New Testament and see how often Jesus was headed to a meal, leaving a meal, talking about a meal (or party), or attending one. 

We can reflect the finished work of Jesus in our hearts when we are bursting forth with joy in remembrance of what we have been rescued from. As people of faith, we should not find it challenging to shift to a posture of celebration. For some reason, many followers of Jesus—past and present—aren’t best known for their joyful or celebratory countenance. 

Why have we become people better known for being stodgy and stoic? Maybe we are not practicing the rhythm of celebration and allowing it to bring remembrance of what we’ve been rescued from. We see Jesus often reminding people that they need faith like a child. This idea has a level of innocence and purity that we can readily associate with. One of the things that I think kids do incredibly well is that most adults don’t play. Children know what it is like to have a lightness of their spirit and the ability to enjoy even the little things and see value in them. They are not bogged down by all of the perils and challenges in the world but freely allow their pure hearts to celebrate. They don’t need a special occasion to play and to party. 

This is something that Jesus desires for us to experience as a result of His work. In our rest, He expects that we would be “abounding in thanksgiving,” as it says in Colossians 2:7. He wants us to “have life and have it abundantly,” as He says in John 10:10 (leb). He is noted as desiring that “[His] joy may be full” within our hearts (John 15:11; 16:24). He wants us to be accessible to celebrate and to play.

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